New Zealand is in the lead against Japan

Marion Clouds, Media365, published on Saturday 29 October 2022 at 12:30 PM

On Saturday morning in Tokyo, New Zealand barely dominated Japan (38-31), despite Brody Ritalik’s red card at the end of the match. The All Blacks are struggling to find reassurance this year.

A little less than a year after the 2023 World Cup in France, the All Blacks are still looking for themselves. A few weeks after narrowly winning the 2022 edition of rugby, New Zealand kicked off this fall round with a slow win over Japan (38-31), on Saturday morning. However, in Tokyo, things started off very well for them with a very good start and he scored largely in their favour after just over 30 minutes playing at the Brave Blossoms’ Lair. In fact, Brody Retalik (11), Brydon Enore (25) and Sevo Reis (32) went to flatten out in the Japanese goal, while Richie Muonga improved it all on the foot (21-3, 34). That’s when Japan woke up and rebounded before the break. After a penalty kick from Takuya Yamasawa (19), the Panasonic Wild Knights scored their first attempt (36), before being imitated by Yutaka Nagare before a siren. Thus, upon returning to the locker room, the All Blacks were only four units ahead (21-17).

In the second half, if Caleb Clark (42) and Hoskins Sototo (60) backed off the Japan streak, the locals never gave up and made life difficult for the New Zealanders. After a bid by Warner Derns (56th place), the team headed by Jimmy Joseph attempted to capitalize on Ritalik’s expulsion shortly after the hour mark (66), after leveling at Kazuki Himeno’s header. In the last minutes, the latter scored the fourth attempt of the Japanese, who were four points behind (31-35, 78th place). In the end, a final penalty from Mo’unga after the siren allowed New Zealand to win by a slightly larger margin. However, this score is the smallest gap in the various confrontations between All Blacks and Brave Blossoms. Which should not reassure Ian Foster and his family before he joins Europe to face Wales, Scotland and England.

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