New Zealand is considering changing its title

New Zealand is considering changing its title

Used since qualifying for Spain 82, “All Whites” refers to the white color of the jersey, and is a reference to the rugby team’s nickname, “All Blacks”. However, the union would be concerned about racial misunderstandings in the end.

‘all eggs’ (All White), the New Zealand soccer team’s nickname, is causing controversy in the peripheral country, where the The value of replacing it with a more comprehensive nameAccording to Radio New Zealand (RNZ).

“We work with representatives from the football world and beyond Examine all aspects of our organization and make sure they are compatibleWith Today’s World, New Zealand Football (NZF) reported, citing the RNZ website Monday.

Like many other sports bodies, the NZF has created a The process of thinking about cultural inclusion”The federation added, without explicitly referring to the national team nickname.

User from 1982 World Cup Qualifiers, “All Eggs” It refers to the white color of the jersey, which is a nod to the rugby team’s nickname, the famous “All Blacks”.

Outside of football and rugby, various New Zealand teams They bear nicknames denoting the color: the black hats (“black hats” for cricket), the “tall blacks” (“tall blacks”, basketball) …

But according to the football association RNZ I would be concerned about the potential racial misunderstandings associated with “all whites”.

Former national team defender Ryan Nielsen He supported changing the name.

“Even if I upset a small minority, it would be enough for me,” he told RNZ.

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