New Zealand, in turn, bans the TikTok application from MPs’ phones  TV5MONDE

New Zealand, in turn, bans the TikTok application from MPs’ phones TV5MONDE

New Zealand has just announced its intention to ban the Chinese social network from its MPs' devices, amid a data security risk. The country is thus following in the footsteps of many other Western powers, including the United States.

In turn, New Zealand will ban the Chinese social media network TikTok from the devices of members of parliament. The ban, which includes all devices with access to the parliamentary network, will come into effect on March 31.

Rafael Gonzalez Montero, one of the leaders of the New Zealand Parliament, believes that the risks posed by TikTok to data security are “unacceptable in the current parliamentary environment.”

International movement

New Zealand will thus follow in the footsteps of Canada, the United Kingdom and federal agencies in the United States, which have already banned TikTok from government devices due to data security concerns.

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The European Commission also ordered the video-sharing app to be blocked from its employees' devices.

Global action against TikTok began in India in 2020. The social network was included in the list of banned apps after deadly clashes on the border with China, with New Delhi claiming it was defending its sovereignty.

In the same year, former President Donald Trump accused TikTok of being a spying tool for Beijing.

TikTok admitted that employees of its parent company ByteDance in China had access to Americans' account information, but it has always denied passing this data to the authorities.

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The current President of the United States, Joe Biden, threatened to completely ban the app from the region if it did not separate from ByteDance.

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