New Zealand has pledged to donate 800,000 vaccines to the WHO plan

New Zealand has pledged to donate 800,000 vaccines to the WHO plan

Geneva.- New Zealand This Thursday it was announced that he would make a donation Vaccines from Corona Virus Enough to More than 800,000 people Through the plan Kovacs Which is to be supplied to developing countries.

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, was the first Leader In pledging to donate doses to countries with reduced access to vaccines should this happen Gavi Vaccine Alliance. Some European countries, such as Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden, have pledged new money for Covax.

Covax aims to ensure that all economies have vaccines against Covid-19. “The more countries that support the plan, the greater the chances of success,” he said. Gavi Alliance On his Twitter account. And celebrate, “That is why we are grateful to France and New Zealand for their commitment today to donate vaccines against Coronavirus.”

“Additional funding from donors and countries … will allow Covax to secure 1.8 billion doses of vaccines for 92 low-income countries by the end of the year,” said Gavi’s statement released today. So far, Covax has shipped More than 38 million doses in 111 countries.

Seth Berkeley, CEO of Gavi, targeted high-income countries in a hypothetical enterprise event. “The supply in the world is incredibly scarce at the moment. But we also know that many high-income countries have requested more vaccines than they need.” Therefore, he called for additional doses to be distributed “as quickly as possible to cover the high-risk population during this limited supply period”.

UNICEF Executive Director, Henrietta FaureHe called on the wealthiest countries to invest generously in Kovacs and donate their surpluses, because it is the only way to stop the epidemic and return “the global economy to its right course.”

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President of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, He said that some countries that participated in Covax did not receive any doses, none received enough, and some did not receive vaccine allocations in the second round on time.

For his part Norwegian Prime Minister Erna SolbergHe insisted that another $ 22 billion was needed to access anti-Coronavirus tools to support treatments and tests.

These numbers may seem high, but they are small compared to the global economic loss if this crisis continues. The new variants of the virus make it clear that we have to act faster“, He said.



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