New Zealand has its first padel track!

New Zealand has its first padel track!

After losing in the Rugby World Cup final, New Zealand console themselves with their first ever padel tournament!

In fact, on October 28, the country’s first stadium was opened at the Riverside Sports Club in Auckland. padel new zealand (New Zealand Padel Federation).

On this great occasion, more than a hundred people were present. The organizers were able to count on the presence and support of Lucy Lawless, the actress known for playing the iconic role of “Xena the Warrior” for several years. Athletic and still in great shape, the New Zealander played the first match on this brand new ’20×10′ during the official opening.

This grand celebration is the result of three years of hard work during which the teams set about building a workable business plan and thus allowing padel to take off on the island.

Soon, new tracks will be installed across the country. From this November, a second court will see the light of day at Remuera Racquet Club, still in Auckland. At the beginning of 2024, a third 20×10 court will open at the Albany Tennis Center. Others should follow suit!

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