New Zealand had good rugby storms and beat Australia for the 21st consecutive time at Eden Park

New Zealand had good rugby storms and beat Australia for the 21st consecutive time at Eden Park

The Garden of Eden It’s a stadium where the All Blacks are more local than ever. New Zealand He won the first duel for Bledisloe Cup Bur 33-25 A Australia He added his twenty-first victory on that stage.

The errors occurred early in the game in crowded Eden Park. The wallabies They started with four pro lines, but it was difficult for them to maintain possession due to poor ball handling. from their side , all black They got off to a poor start with five penalties. Strong winds were the hero of the game which led to great receptions, kicks and penalty kicks. Richie Muunga He faced Mother Nature and had no problem with his perfect effectiveness in the first half. Despite this, both teams had a slow pace of play with constant penalty kicks.

The first conquest came from a surprise visit. Gunter Besame open the way for Andrew Killaway flew to try. This emotional boost was just what Australia needed to move forward in the match, but New Zealand quickly put their joy on hold. Sevo Race He was dressed as the striker and supported to extend the feuds again. In this way, the men in black went to rest 16-8.

In the sequel, Australia surrounded the group led by Ian Foster in its territory. Little by little, Australia looked for alternatives like Line or Scrum to find the route that would take them to New Zealand Ingoal. However, something unexpected was coming the way: Richie Muonga. The Crusaders read the opening long pass from the left flank and with his characteristic speed he did not slow down for 80 meters until he dived into the side of the sticks. After this play, the All Blacks put the home team on the ropes.

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Aaron Smith He will be one of the main characters, who has completed 100 matches in the New Zealand shirt, with two consecutive passes that led to shouts David Haveli and Damien Mackenzie.

in the last minutes, Tom Banks She woke up and came to the neighbor twice to generate two invasions added with the invasion of JUlysses Ulysses At 81. The match could have taken him, but from failed kicks Noah Lolisio They left All Blacks with Bledisloe Cup.

The All Blacks smiled again in Oakland and added another win in 2021, the year they haven’t lost yet. Next week they will meet again at the same stadium. For their part, the Wallabies cannot return to Eden Park.

Synthesis of All Blacks-Australia.

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