New Zealand: Filming of Amazon series moved to The Lord of the Rings

New Zealand: Filming of Amazon series moved to The Lord of the Rings

Written by Graziella L. Posted August 13, 2021 3:29 pm

After the first season produced in New Zealand, filming of the series on The Lord of the Rings by Amazon will be moved to Great Britain for the following season.

The New Zealand Until now it was considered land Lord of the ringswith l natural views Unusual and brutal. In fact, different Triple Inspired by work J.R.R. Tolkien carried out inarchipelagowhich made it possible to bring tourists and the fans For many years as a Pilgrimage.

but whileto me Exit date newsletter a series employment the Lord of the Rings It was announced in early August by Amazon to September 2, 2022The American company I remember now Transfer distance cinematographyabout the Great Britain. blow toEconomie Country, who has been counting on this opportunity to re-launch tourism And from the border Still closed due to the crisis COVID-19.

the first season Benefited from the best budget in the world for a series, 650 million dollars NZ. Enough to make incredible plans and profit from a production worthy of the greatest Hollywood movies. But then, how do we explain this transfer? Amazon He indicated that this decision was part of expansion strategy In Great Britain, where there is a large part of it production.

New Zealand Economic Development Minister Stuart Nash said:Disappointed“While opposition spokesman Todd McClay expressed regret”Huge missed opportunity for New Zealand“, according to’France Press agency.

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