New Zealand – Fail: The largest potato in history is not a potato!

Donna and Colin Craig Browns, who live on a small farm near Hamilton, New Zealand, were convinced they were setting a world record. Last August, they actually discovered a monster: a potato weighing 7.8 kg. They then had nice mediation but must have been disappointed today: their giant potato is not, after all, a potato.

The couple tried to get into the Guinness Book of History, surpassing a British potato weighing about 5 kilograms that was discovered in 2011. But an email from this institution last week put an end to the dream record. “Unfortunately, the specimen is not a potato and is in fact a tuber of a type of squash. For this reason, we unfortunately have to exclude the entry,” Guinness World Records wrote. Patatras: Potatoes are not potatoes…

The New Zealanders do not intend to appeal that decision, as Flag spoke, linked Watchman. However, they remain very closely related to a tuber called a doug – the word for “dig” means excavation in English. They also photographed him wearing a hat or sunglasses. Potatoes that are not potatoes are kept in the freezer. “It’s the world’s biggest potato move,” Colin Craig Browns commented with a smile.

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