New Zealand explains the historical Hakka against the XV of France

New Zealand explains the historical Hakka against the XV of France

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In the opening Rugby World Cup, the struggle between the French XV and New Zealand turned in favor of Fabien Galthier’s men. If we remember this victory for the Blues, one of the images of the meeting will remain the haka performed by the All Blacks. Aaron Smith rarely used the Maori paddle during this moment. The New Zealand player himself also explained about this topic.

the Hakka It’s always a highly anticipated moment during matches New Zealand. Against France’s XV, it always gave impressive images. We particularly remember an encounter world Cup In 2007 during Sebastian Chabal The other French did not hesitate to challenge All blacks A few centimeters from them during Hakka. Back in the 2011 World Cup. In response to Hakka Subordinate New Zealand, Thierry Dosotoir Then his teammates positioned themselves in a V-shape.

“It was something special for our group.”

So we were waiting Hakka Subordinate New Zealand Looking forward to this match against The fifteenth of France. And the All blacks He surprised us. Leadership Hakka, Aaron Smith He then performed this traditional dance with a Maori paddle in his hands, which never happened. I mentioned before daily Mail, Aaron Smith He explained this emphatically: I was carrying a shovel that looked like a pierogi paddle. This was something special for our group. It corresponds a little to our moment in France. The World Cup is different and we wanted to add something unique to this group at this moment. We felt it was the right time and it was very special to wear these shoes and represent our people “.

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“The Hakka is part of our heritage”

On the side of the The fifteenth of FranceThere was no special response to Hakka Subordinate New Zealand. Before the meeting, Ian Fosterspecific All blacksto explain: ” The Haka is part of our heritage, who we are, and how we relate to each other and to our past. One thing I know is that the French will respect the Hakka because they have always respected it. The fact that they may react in different ways is not disrespectful “.

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