New Zealand easily beats Uruguay and qualifies for the quarter-finals

New Zealand easily beats Uruguay and qualifies for the quarter-finals

Before the match between his former team and New Zealand, Thursday, October 5, in Leon, Santiago Villaseca, the former Uruguay national team captain, said: “bit worried”. The South American national team, like the entire Oval Planet, had seen the All Blacks score nearly a hundred points against Italy the week before, a team playing in the prestigious Six Nations tournament. Why should we tremble when we point, like Uruguay, to 17th place?H Place in the world rankings.

Santiago Villaseca’s fears were justified: despite good resistance at the beginning of the match, the Tyros could not do anything against the serious and often irresistible New Zealand team. Thanks to the victory over Al-Nahri (73-0), which was achieved with the help of eleven attempts, the team led by its captain, Sam Kane, qualified without surprise to the quarter-finals of the competition.

The Men in Black were pushed for the first time by Uruguay: in the twentieth minute of the match, the Terros did not concede a point. The previous week, against the same opponent, the Italians had already conceded 21 goals.

Uruguay confirms its qualities

Uruguay even thought they had scored a great try before it was disallowed for a half-toe touch. These fine 20 minutes underscored the countless qualities that the Tyros have as well as their reputation as a difficult team to face.

They pushed France to their limits, dramatically disrupted Italy and beat Namibia: despite their elimination, Uruguay succeeded in the World Cup. “We can be proud of what we did. We have nothing to blame ourselves for. We had a great World Cup.” He welcomed captain Andres Villaseca after the match.

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At the end of those twenty minutes of resistance, the New Zealanders, buoyed by South American estimates, began to break through their opponent’s defence. The men in black gradually rushed towards the spaces created by the exhaustion suffered by the Uruguayan team. As the second half progressed, they became increasingly powerless to hold off the Dark Waves and the score on the scoreboard increased.

Apply until the last 80 secondsH In the final minute, the All Blacks avoided the dangers that await teams after dispersing an opponent of Italy’s calibre: big head and relaxation.

The few young players who discovered the World Cup atmosphere within the New Zealand national team did not have to look far to find an example of seriousness and consistency. This evening he wore the number 4 shirt: against Uruguay, second row Samuel Whitlock was not the most featured, but he played his 150th goal.H Match with black shirt. Having already become the most capped All Black player in history during the previous meeting, ahead of legend Richie McCaw, he is now also the rugby player who has played the most World Cup matches.

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