New Zealand delays reopening plan without quarantine amid Omicron variable expansion |  international

New Zealand delays reopening plan without quarantine amid Omicron variable expansion | international

The New Zealand government said that He postpones the reopening of his plan without quarantine until the end of February Due to the rapid expansion in other countries of the omicron variant of covid-19.

The peripheral country, which maintains a low number of infections and virus deaths Implementing one of the toughest policies in the world during the pandemic, it planned to allow free admission Quarantine for New Zealanders and residents of Australia He has already been vaccinated.

The Minister for COVID-19 Response, Chris Hepkins, argued in a statement that the measure is being pursued “Stop the rapid expansion (of omicron) that we’re seeing overseas.”

“There is no doubt that this is a disappointment and will upset many of their vacation plans, but it is important. Adjust these changes today So that they can consider their plans in time,” Hipkins noted, stressing that this policy is correct ‘extremely necessary’ To continue to protect people.

Pandemic in New Zealand and fear of the Omicron variant

Although the minister did not mention the travelers from the rest of the world, something that is still planned according to him They will be able to enter the country without quarantine from mid-April, These new measures are supposed to affect previously announced plans in the long term as well.

New Zealand, which has already inoculated more than 90% of its target population with the full regimen, will speed up administering a booster dose.

“While it’s probably two doses (Vaccine) gives a good degree of protection against Serious disease of Omicron, The minister said that a third dose is likely to provide significant protection against transmission of Covid-19 and reduce the possibility of more severe infections.

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New Zealand also announced that it is extending the quarantine upon entry into the country from 7 to 10 days and reducing it to 48 hours before the flight. Need to test negative for COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the peripheral country has collected 13,495 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 49 deaths, and last Thursday announced the first case of Omicron within its borders in a vaccinated traveler who tested positive for the virus while staying in a quarantine center.

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