New Zealand defeats Argentina in rugby

New Zealand defeats Argentina in rugby

At the top of the rugby tournament, New Zealand are now six lengths ahead of South Africa ahead of the Springboks’ duel against Australia Wallabies (12:05), thanks to an additional three wins in three matches. But more on the side of strict accountability, it is the dominance of the “all blacks” to be remembered from their encounter with Argentina.

Their run of rounds in Europe, matches in South Africa and quarantined in Australia were quickly overshadowed by their final result quickly overtaking the previous duel between the two teams (38-0), in November 2020. Rikuo Iwan’s first attempt from the 10th minute despite his valiant defense doubled the tackles .

The second and third New Zealand Tests were scored shortly before the break by Sevo Reis (37) and Dalton Babali (40 + 4), and the third in numerical superiority after a yellow card from Pablo Matera for a ball-less tackle. The fourth scored by Luke Jacobson (47) after a slalom from Bowden Barrett. Jacobson then made a double (70) while Pumas was reduced again to 14 after a yellow card from Carlos Muzio (67).

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