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New Zealand crowned at home – sport – updated

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by Lucas Fontaine (@iDalgo)

It was the ultimate dream. England – New Zealand The most beautiful rugby poster in the world. The parade there in the Garden of Eden was complete. The black fern issue was so engrossed by the audience, which perhaps shook like never before because the script for this finale was amazing. From the start of the match, the black fern suffered from the power of England taking off (14-0). Back at the wall, the New Zealanders will be back next. And after 7 attempts in the first half and an English red card, it was finally England who took the lead in the first half (26-19). But since the start of the second season, Black Fern has benefited from numerical superiority and scored two attempts in six minutes. Don’t let the English go and present Amy Kokin a trilogy. In front of two small points, the English will suffer in the last twenty minutes. Driven by the excessive crowd, the Black Ferns managed to score 6 minutes from the final whistle. Under pressure, New Zealand united to fend off the last English attempt. Thus, she won her sixth world title (34-31).

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