New Zealand creates paid leave after a miscarriage

New Zealand creates paid leave after a miscarriage

The first country to grant women the right to vote, in 1893, New Zealand continued its pioneering fight for women’s rights. New Zealand Parliament adopted on Wednesday, March 24th, paid leave in the event of an abortion.

Thus, any woman who miscarries or gives birth to a dead child, in the same way, her husband is entitled from now on to a special leave of three days. Until now, women in such a state had to take sick leave. Go, “The grief associated with a miscarriage is not a disease, it is a loss, and it takes time to recover physically and mentally from this loss.”, Labor MP Jenny Andersen in front of Parliament.

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The leave is also granted in the context of surrogacy

MI Andersen explained that stillbirth – which refers to the death of a viable fetus, occurring either during pregnancy (death in the womb) or during labor (death per child) – should be recognized as conferring the right to bereavement leave. Miscarriages or stillbirths remain taboo. Threads. This special leave may also be granted to parents who face fetal loss as part of the surrogacy (surrogacy) procedure.

This new law is part of a long legislative tradition aimed at making New Zealand a leader in women’s rights. The country in particular Create a special leave for victims of domestic violence In 2018, two years earlier, Decriminalize abortion (An issue that until then remained sensitive in this isolated island nation), led by its Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

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“I hope that if we are among the first, we will not be among the last, and that other countries will start enacting legislation for a fair and compassionate leave system that recognizes the pain and mourning of miscarriage or the birth of a stillbirth.”And she concluded.

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