New Zealand: Cow burps to be taxed soon to reduce carbon dioxide

New Zealand: Cow burps to be taxed soon to reduce carbon dioxide

DrIn its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, New Zealand has taken an unprecedented step: taxing cow and sheep burps. Gas expelled from These animals release methane, which contributes to global warmingwe remind our colleagues of HuffPost. On this island of Oceania, intensive livestock farming is important, to the point of having two cows for every one inhabitant, and 10 million head of cattle for 5 million New Zealanders. The country also has 26 million sheep.

Many livestock necessarily cause significant emissions of greenhouse gases. Starting in 2025, to limit these releases, New Zealand decided to tax these animals’ burps from breeders. In return, they will be able to take advantage of financial benefits Whether they use food additives, which helps reduce these emissions. New Zealand authorities are also studying a project to offset these methane emissions by planting trees.

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“Efficient pricing of emissions from agriculture will play a key role” in reducing atmospheric methane emissions, New Zealand Environment Minister James Shaw said. As HuffPost points out, the latest IPCC report was already concerned about methane emissions, which are particularly high and harmful. save the planet. Concentrations [de méthane] It hasn’t been this high for at least 800,000 years,” said climate experts.

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