New Zealand coach Ian Foster: 'It's going to be hot' against South Africa

New Zealand coach Ian Foster: ‘It’s going to be hot’ against South Africa

We don’t always have to take what the New Zealand coach says literally. This also applies to many of his colleagues. However, reclaiming the number one spot in the world rugby rankings doesn’t seem to push Ian Foster any further.

“We don’t have this issue in mind, a promis le patron des All Blacks. We are focused on our match against South Africa this weekend. This is what drives us today. We are more interested in winning matches than knowing where to sit. “ We can believe it. First. Especially when we know the media and popular pressure in New Zealand about the status of their national team and expectations have moved to his rank.

The All Blacks will return to South Africa next Saturday. A meeting at the end of which the world champions must relinquish their seat in the world number one after two consecutive losses to the Wallabies. To keep the faint hope of winning the rugby tournament, the Springboks will have to win the offensive bonus.

‘Hot match’ in perspective

However, Foster remains cautious, despite South Africa’s very disappointing performance against the Wallabies: “It will be a hot match. Either way, they still are. I watched 50 minutes of their last game and I know what lies ahead. In the past two years, it was probably the first time South Africa had faced a team that achieved such a pace. I think they will learn a lot. “

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