New Zealand coach disgusted with staging... / World Cup 2022 / New Zealand /

New Zealand coach disgusted with staging… / World Cup 2022 / New Zealand /

Qatar, this wonderful country in Oceania.

As close as Eurovision’s geography is to Australia, the 2022 World Cup qualifiers for the Oceania region will take place in the competition’s host country. A special place when it was held in the Tonga archipelago in 2017 to qualify for the World Cup in Russia. But what annoys New Zealand coach Danny Hay the most is that the event is being held outside the international window.

While the tournament is scheduled to take place on March 14-30, 2022, the FIFA Truce is only scheduled for March 21-29. It can’t happen anywhere elseCan we read? the team. I’m in Denmark at the moment and when I talk about it around me, no one can understand. I even spoke to the Danish Federation about it and they were shocked. Imagine telling the Danish coach that he should play the playoffs without his best players? It is very disappointing for the players and for me. ”

Choices like going on vacation, you have to be very careful with dates, otherwise they can be very expensive.

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