New Zealand cancels quarantine for Australians, English reopens terraces

As the entire French territory enters its third enclave, in Europe and internationally, some countries are gradually returning to normal life.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that effective April 19, travel without isolation between New Zealand and Australia will be possible again. According to the government, conditions are now in place to allow such travel without health restrictions: “Our collective success in managing and banishing Covid-19 over the past twelve months now opens the opportunity to reconnect with our loved ones and resume travel through Tasmania.”

In Europe, some countries chose relief such as Portugal, Greece, or even the United Kingdom. Thus, Boris Johnson confirmed the reopening of unnecessary shops and bar terraces and gyms with effect from April 12. Conditions for entering or leaving the country are still very strict and subject to mandatory quarantine. We don’t want to see the virus re-imported into this country from abroad. There is a resurgence in some parts of the world. “He said at a press conference.

In Portugal, museums, colleges, and cafe terraces reopen their doors after more than two months of closure. A first step is part of the government’s gradual dismantlement plan. Likewise, at Strike, most non-essential businesses have been licensed again since yesterday, with the exception of stores and malls. At the same time, this measure is still not appropriate for the country’s major cities such as Athens or Thessaloniki where the virus is still spreading.

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