New Zealand can keep its borders largely closed

New Zealand can keep its borders largely closed

New Zealand’s prime minister hinted this Tuesday: New Zealand’s borders will likely remain closed for much of the year. It’s time to measure the impact, on a global scale, of the COVID vaccination campaigns.

This weekend, I discovered New Zealand First case of Covid in more than two months. And according to Jacinda Ardern, this attests to Danger Which still constitutes the novel coronavirus for a country that has so far largely succeeded in controlling the epidemic.

Given the risks around the world and the uncertainty around international vaccination campaigns, we can expect our borders to be affected for much of the year.

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand


Since March, the borders have been closed to foreign travelers. Only citizens are allowed to enter the territory. So far, New Zealand (five million people) totals Less than two thousand cases, and total twenty five The deaths have been blamed on the epidemic.

“Travel Bubbles”

In the absence of foreign tourists, New Zealand will continue to allow travel under Travel Bubbles with Australiaand nations security who managed to contain the coronavirus. This is what the head of the Kiwi government indicated.


Who regrets the decision CanberraTo suspend the “bubble” that allowed the nationals of the two countries to be exempted from quarantine. This was after the emergence of this local case of pollution. With “Travel bubble”, people should be assured that the borders will not be closed in a very short timefor some accidents which we believe we can manage well at the national level,” Jacinda Ardern replied.

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Air conditioning?

This was explained by New Zealand Minister of Health Chris Hepkins fifteen Contacts of the infected woman do not carry the virus that has been identified as The South African alternative. He added that research is now being conducted to find out how transmission occurred during the 14-day quarantine. By invoking the hotel’s air conditioning system.

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