New Zealand bans phones in schools amid low literacy rate

New Zealand bans phones in schools amid low literacy rate

It was one of the highest-ranking countries in the world in terms of reading and writing, then the screens came and turned New Zealand's results upside down. That's why Conservative Prime Minister Christopher Luxon announced a ban on mobile phones in the country's schools on Friday.

This measure aims to address the low literacy rate, due to the decline in reading and writing skills among young people, to the point that some researchers speak of an educational “crisis.”

Enhance focus

“We will ban phones in schools across New Zealand. We want our children to learn and we want our teachers to teach,” said the Prime Minister, who took office this week.

Christopher Luxon has made clear he will ban phones in schools within his first 100 days in office, adopting a policy that has already been tested in the US, UK and France. He pointed out that this measure aims to put an end to disruptive behavior and enhance students’ concentration.

Researchers from the New Zealand Education Center warned of a “literacy crisis” last year, finding that more than a third of 15-year-olds could barely read or write.

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