New Zealand and the Maori Party launch a petition to change the name of the country to Aotearoa

New Zealand and the Maori Party launch a petition to change the name of the country to Aotearoa

the new Zeland can be summoned “New Zealand”and translate it into language T Rio. This is the idea that I propose maori partyWhich launched a special campaign (CNN reports). The initiative also aims to restore the Maori names of all cities and New Zealand geographical names. It is time to bring Te Reo Maori back into place as the first official language. We are a Polynesian countryWe are Aotearoa,” the party announced in a statement declaring its intention to complete the renaming process by 2026.

being able to Maori language In New Zealand, it fell from 90% in 1910 to 26% in 1950. Today only 3% of the population are able to speak it. The petition has been filed so far 12,000 companies. According to the party, this is a “tremendous” result. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern He has not yet commented on the initiative, while a year ago he described it as positive that “New Zealand” and “Aotearoa” are interchangeable. However, he made it clear that it was not the intention of the government to officially change the name of the country.

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