New Zealand and Australia will enter a health bubble from April 19

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New Zealand and Australia will introduce a health bubble from April 19. GT

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Tuesday that New Zealand and Australia residents will be able to travel freely between the two countries without the need for quarantine as of April 19, highlighting the two countries’ success in effectively eliminating community transmission. The virus is within their limits.


  • From April 19, Australians will be free to travel to New Zealand without mandatory quarantine, a ad Mrs. Ardern at a press conference.
  • While New Zealanders have been able to enter Australia without restrictions since October, Wellington has not allowed Australians to do the same due to repeated Covid-19 cases in Australia.
  • Australians planning to travel to New Zealand will need to book a ‘Green Zone excursion’, which will only be open to travelers who have stayed in Australia in the last 14 days.
  • Certain flights from some Australian states may be suspended if the virus spreads domestically in that state.
  • However, Ms Ardern acknowledged that the two countries would have the right to close their borders at short notice if needed, and indicated that people would have to plan for the possibility of their trips being disrupted in the event of an outbreak.

Quote key

“It’s an exciting day. The bubble across Tasman marks the beginning of a new chapter in our response and recovery from Covid-19, one that people have worked hard for, and that makes New Zealand and Australia relatively unique,” ​​Ms. Ardern said.

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A surprising number

0. This is the total number of community transmission cases that Australia and New Zealand reported in the past 24 hours, according to their governments’ Covid-19 tracking systems. According to Johns Hopkins University, Australia reported 81 new cases of Covid-19 last week, while New Zealand reported 14, almost all of which were detected in incoming travelers who are in quarantine.

Main context

New Zealand and Australia have virtually eliminated the local spread of Covid-19 by putting in place some of the most stringent containment measures in the world at the start of the pandemic, as well as close monitoring of new cases. Anyone traveling in the country. Thanks to these measures, New Zealand has reported only 26 deaths and Australia has 909 deaths from Covid-19. With the exception of a few small outbreaks, New Zealand has had almost no cases left since June of last year, allowing people to resume public gatherings and normal activities.

On the one hand, Australia has had to deal with infrequent outbreaks in the community, forcing it to put in place strict containment measures periodically. However, the speed of containment measures has allowed the country to prevent cases of community transmission from turning into a widespread epidemic.

Article translated from Forbes USA Author: Siladitya Ray

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