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New Zealand and Australia open rugby tournament

New Zealand and Australia open in the early hours of Saturday the 2021 edition of Rugby, the tournament for select rugby players in the Southern Hemisphere.

The game takes place at 4.05 at Eden Rark Stadium in Auckland (ESPN will be televised), on the day that will also continue on Saturday with Los Pumas making their debut against South Africa, at 12.05 in Port Elizabeth.

Last week, the first Bledisloe Cup test was held, the best of the three and the All Blacks winning 33-25, therefore, if they win again, they will have already taken the trophy 19. Back to back before taking the third road test at Optus Stadium in Perth.

New Zealand will train with Damien Mackenzie. Will Jordan, David Haveli, Riku Ewan, and Sifu Reese; Richie Muonga and Aaron Smith; Ardi Savia, Dalton Babali and Akira Ewan; Sam Whitelock and Brody Ritalik; Nebo Laolala, Cody Taylor and George Bauer.

It will be the 15th from Australia with Tom Banks; Andrew Killaway, Hunter Bisame, Matt Toumoa, and Marika Corbett; Noah Lolisio and Tate McDermott; Rob Valletini, Michael Hopper, and Lachy Swinton; Matt Phillip and Darcy Swain; Allan Alalatuwa, Brandon Benga Amosa, and James Slipper.

new laws

In this match, the new rules of the tournament will come into effect, which were already applied in the last All Blacks-Wallabies by Bledisloe and in Super Rugby.

red card: After he is sent off and after a period of 20 minutes, another player can take his place. It is a possibility that also applies to the player who is substituted during the match. But as long as they got all the spare parts into the bank.

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The 50/22 rule: If a team kicks obliquely from its field to touch, the ball goes up the court and goes out within 22 meters of the opposing court, they can take the line from that sector.

drop output: This action will occur if the defending team kicks the ball or does not support the attacker. In either of these situations, the defending team will start with a narrow lead.

tuck: The referee may penalize when the player who cleans the rug drops his body weight on the opponent’s lower limbs.

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