New Zealand and Australia have already moved into 2024, and the rest of the world is preparing for liberalization

New Zealand and Australia have already moved into 2024, and the rest of the world is preparing for liberalization

Auckland then Sydney The clock struck before the fireworks exploded. In the rest of Asia, celebrations brought together tens of thousands of people.

New Zealand and Australia had the honor of being the first countries to turn the page on the turbulent 2023, the hottest year on record, marked by the rise of artificial intelligence, the climate crisis, and the bloody wars in Gaza and Ukraine.

Located not far from the date line, Auckland It is traditionally considered the first major city in the world to celebrate the transition into the new year. Light rain on Sunday evening did not prevent tens of thousands of people from waiting for the countdown until midnight near the Sky Tower in the center of the capital.

Two hours later, it was her turn Australia A traditional fireworks display over Sydney Bay, with the white scales of the Opera House visible in the background. The show is watched by more than 400 million people around the world every year. The Metropolitan Police were deployed in large numbers in the city center where a million people were expected to be present – a fifth of the total population.

For several days, Australia has been witnessing a new severe heat wave, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius in the west and north, while the east is exposed to severe storms, which is a new stark sign of climate change.

in LondonOn Sunday evening, Big Ben celebrates the 100th broadcast on the BBC of its famous “bong”, which strikes exactly at midnight to announce the New Year. On December 31, 1923, at the minute app, the editor of the BBC AG Dryland grimpait on a tooth on the face of the British Parliament with a microphone to record Big Ben for the passage in 1924. Depuis, the “bong” is retransmised direct. It will be played overnight from Sunday to Monday at midnight sharp on Radio 4, the BBC's radio station.

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Spanish footballer Jenny Hermoso will be one of the special guests for the broadcast of the twelve strikes of midnight at Puerta del Sol, in Madrid, An event watched by millions of people on television in Spain and Latin America. A few minutes after the Spanish women's national team's world crown in Sydney against England, the 46-year-old president of Spanish football, Luis Rubiales, kissed the striker on the mouth by surprise, sparking outrage in Spain and around the world.

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