New Zealand: An injured surfer writes “help” in the sand with his last strength

Books “help” in the sand

In West Auckland, New Zealand, an injured surfer once again worked hard to draw attention to himself. On the beach, he wrote the word “help” on the sand. Luckily for him, the stroller was outside and she saw his message – she called the emergency number.

You cannot leave the Gulf alone

It is said that the man was surfing alone on Karekare Beach when he lost his painting and was washed by the waves off the stony coast. He was able to save himself in Mercer Bay and is said to have tried for two hours to make his way through the jungle to leave shore. When that didn’t work, he used his last strength to write the phrase “help” in the sand, hoping someone would find it.

Lifeguards who have finally rushed to help the surfer came from a nearby surf club. They provided the man with makeshift supplies and brought him back to the club, where an ambulance was already waiting for him. The broken surfer was taken to the hospital. His wife had already reported his loss after hearing nothing from him. Had it not been for the cry for help in the sand, it might not have been spotted so quickly.

The surfer was really lucky, rescuers at the New Zealand Herald testified. It is possible that he owes this in part to the Corona pandemic. Because Auckland is currently in lockdown. So there are more people in nature in general – like the woman who saw him from the southern end of her path.

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