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“Although one in four women in New Zealand experiences a miscarriage, it is still a taboo in our society today. This is how Labor MP Jenny Anderson started. Call In front of Parliament in exchange for paid days off after an abortion, and he tackled a topic that people tend to keep quiet about. Then the House of Representatives unanimously approved the bill last week, likewise New Zealand Herald mentioned. In New Zealand, women and their partners can now mourn their lost baby for three days.

New Zealand is a progressive country, especially when it comes to women’s rights. In 1893 it was the first country in the world to introduce the right of women to vote. Current Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, 40, was one of the first mothers in the world to hold the position – she gave birth to a daughter in 2018. After last year on her initiative Miscarriage Deleted from the Criminal Code, it now takes the next step, which residents also welcome. So one writes Twitter userShe would like to expressly thank Andersen for having had four miscarriages and was very grateful to her generous employer for the extra days off. else Users He says something similar: “I am very proud of this wonderful humanitarian work.”

The new regulation is impressive, few other countries have similar laws. India, for example, allows women to have a paid mourning period of up to six weeks after an abortion, which is rarely used due to the often precarious work situation and also does not apply to the partner. Although it was previously possible in New Zealand to take a dedicated “death leave”, that is, a break for mourning, but only in the case of stillbirths, which includes births from the twenty-first week of pregnancy. Another new feature is giving women and their partners time off regardless of biological fatherhood and marital status, which is a very recent concept of parenting.

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The idea was brought up by Auturin Katherine Van Beek Early in 2018. After having miscarried herself and wanting to know her rights, she discovered a loophole in the law. Despite low hopes, the draft was voted on thanks to Andersen.

In Germany, you must report an illness

In Germany, the only way to mourn an unborn child is to take sick leave. After all, it works Protection from separationIt is given to all pregnant women, but only if the miscarriage occurred after the twelfth week of pregnancy. In the case of stillbirth, which is determined in Germany only from the 25th week onwards, regular maternity leave applies. A partner is not given any leave, although he also loses a child.

In Germany, mothers who have lost their fetus can only have time of mourning if they are on sick leave if it occurs before the 25th week of pregnancy. New Zealand Representative Andersen also formulated the problem in her speech: “Grief associated with a miscarriage is not a disease, it is a loss.”

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