Nouvelle-Zélande. Aaron Smith et Dan Carter : meilleure charnière all black de tous les temps

New Zealand. Aaron Smith & Dan Carter: Best Black Knuckle Ever

Aaron Smith and Dan Carter, the best black knuckle of all time. This is the result of a vote by Sky Sports with New Zealand supporters and a panel of experts. The channel proceeded to elect the 15th black member of all time. Legendary XV where Richie McCaw actually appears in seventh place without any real surprise, Brody Retalk Or even Sean Fitzpatrick. In its judgment, the committee unanimously agreed that Smith, the current number 9 of all black Carter, who won the world championship twice, was the best pair to appear for New Zealand.

The choice was validated by the audience who voted 77% for Smith. “When we first picked Aaron, it was after a long debate. He’s not a big guy, but what we love about him is his speed to get the ball and then pass it.Former Blacks coach Steve Hansen says: rugby bass. As for his friend Dan Carter in the opening, he always made the impression that he was right in front of him the whole time. “He never seemed to be in a hurry or under pressure and you could just see him in his face and the way he was moving.Says his ex-teammate Kevin Melamow. Note that of the ten players that have already been revealed, five have played in the all-black jersey during the 2000s.

The legendary XV of All Blacks

1. Tony Woodcock (118 sec. Entry 2002-2015)
2 – Shawn Fitzpatrick (92 units 1986-1997)
3 – Ken Gray (24 salts between 1963-1969)
4. Colin Meads (55 seconds 1957-1971)
5 – Brody Retalik (85 Silva, 2012-present)
6. Michael Jones (56 salts. 1986-1998)
7. Richie McCaw (148 Salts. Between 2001-2015)
8. Zinzan Brook (58 sec. 1987-1997)
9. Aaron Smith (101 salts. 2012-present)
10. Dan Carter (112 saltines, 2003-2015).
11. TBD
12. TBD
13. TBD
14. TBD
15. To be determined

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