New Zealand: a sea lion enters the house

New Zealand: a sea lion enters the house

Few people can boast of finding a sea lion in the middle of their living room. Today the New Zealand family can boast of finding a sea lion in the family home.

Newspaper Watchman Share this great story. The sea lion entered the house Through the cat flap. This sea animal weighing about 250 kg roamed from room to room to scare the domestic cat.

After walking into the guest room, I settled on the family sofa before joining The gym, where it was revealed.

The Ross family’s mother heard strange noises coming from the house when she got in the car. So I decided to go see what was going on inside.

Then the mother fell Nose to nose with sea lion. So she called a forest ranger to come get the sea lion, as well as her husband, a marine biologist, who was eventually unable to attend the scene.

In New Zealand, it is not uncommon to encounter sea lions in populated places. In fact, Sea lions love to communicate with the population. So it is not uncommon for them to choose to go and visit the residents.

However it is recommended to remain careful, this animal People should only come close 20 meters, with the risk of serious injury. A sea lion that feels threatened can cause massive damage.

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