New Zealand.  A New Zealand couple who disappeared in Iran have managed to leave the country "safely".

New Zealand. A New Zealand couple who disappeared in Iran have managed to leave the country “safely”.

Two travel bloggers from New ZealandLost for four months after arriving in Iran, New Zealand officials announced on Wednesday they were able to leave the country safely.

Island State Premier Jacinda Ardern revealed that the government has done so ” hard work ” for several months “Guarantee (a) Safe Departure” of the spouses “Difficult conditions”.

I am aware of the great hardships they and their families have faced in recent months. I’m glad they’re safe.”, did she say. A New Zealand official told AFP that the couple, who managed to leave Iran, were also “Safe and sound.”

Suddenly silence on social networks

Upon entering the Islamic Republic in early July, newlyweds Topher Richwaite and Bridget Thakurai suddenly went silent on social media which they used to post adorable photos of their travels, sparking concern among their fans, friends, and relatives.

Details of their stay in Iran are not yet fully clear. Iranian officials told AFP the couple had not been arrested or detained.

In a video posted in July before it was removed from social networks, Topher Richwhite explained that he and his wife were stopped at the border. He said their SUVs were checked and guards gave them instructions on how to dress and behave in a tense atmosphere.

There was no response to the posts about the spouses’ subscribers on social networks. The couple’s disappearance echoes the journey of two Australian-British travel bloggers who were arrested in Iran in 2019 on suspicion of espionage and evading sanctions, before being released.

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