New Zealand: 8.1 magnitude earthquake.  Tsunami warning sounds - alien

New Zealand: 8.1 magnitude earthquake. Tsunami warning sounds – alien

Rome, March 4, 2021 – New Fortissima shock close the new Zeland, with a power of 8.1. over there New Zealand Civil Defense appeal to population From some coastal areas to head up, advised to immediately move to a hill, after strong Earthquake hit area Kermadec Islands, which leads to the operationTsunami warning. This is the third violent earthquake to occur in the region today.

A tsunami warning also applies to Hawaii, which is thousands of miles away. Those who live in coastal areas should”Immediately move to the nearest hill, from all tsunami evacuation areas, or as far inland as possible. Don’t stay at home“. Moreover Auckland It is listed under the tsunami danger zones. The America’s Cup will take place between defending champions New Zealand and Luna Rossa on Saturday. The evacuation is underway in the coastal area and, according to local media, is taking place in an orderly manner.

According to the US Tsunami Center, coasts of Ecuador, Colombia, Fiji, Cook Islands, Pohnpei, Pitcairn, Wallis, Futuna, Samoa, Solomon Islands, French Polynesia, Costa Rica, Vanuatu, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, Antarctica, Nauru, Australia, Chile, Peru, Hawaii.

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