New Year's Eve Party Videos: How New Zealand Celebrated the Coming of 2022

New Year’s Eve Party Videos: How New Zealand Celebrated the Coming of 2022

I just started the morning in Argentina, it has already come 2022 in a New Zealand, as well as in different regions of the planet. The island country welcomed the new year with an extension Stunning and creative turning on of light.

more than 110,000 Kiribati Entered on January 1 at 10.00 GMT on December 31, followed by the twelve chimes of the New Year TokelauAnd Samoa and other Pacific countries.

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The festivities began in the morning in Argentina. (Photo: Twitter -EnLaMira_Sv).

The first city in the world to welcome 2022

These island nations start the year less affected by the epidemic than other countries. Auckland, New Zealand, It was the first major city in the world to welcome 2022, at 11.00 GMT on December 31, although this year’s mass festivities and fireworks have been canceled due to the global situation.

For Australia, the new year will begin in most parts of the territory at 13.00 GMT.

Unlike New Zealand, the Australian authorities maintain traditional fireworks displays, including one that takes place at the icon The Opera House in Sydney Harbour.

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(Photo and video: Twitter – @RomarioQR)

Another New Year in a Pandemic

Between canceled parties, curfews and other restrictions, the world begins a new year After the pandemic of 2021, where the Omicron variant, despite the deployment of vaccines, caused an increase in the number of infections historically.

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France, which reached an all-time high in new cases of COVID-19 And newspapers, on Thursday evening, became the last country to announce that this breed is already the majority in its territory.

Others like United States, United Kingdom and SpainAnd even Argentina has also recorded records of new daily infections.

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