New XE variant: spread in France and around the world

New XE variant: spread in France and around the world
The XE variant was identified in France; It is more contagious than omicron. © Adobe stock

When will we end the health crisis? As summer approaches, new variants keep appearing. The new XE variant is spreading everywhere including France. What do we know about this new alternative?

Omicron is already behind us

It is the subspecies of Omicron, and BA.2 is the majority in France with over 96% radioactive contamination. Another closely watched subspecies, BA.4 is also called the XE variant. asked by MedidispatchSanté Publique France has confirmed a case of contamination at BA.4 in France.

Variant XE 10% more contagious than BA.2

It is an escalation of infection, Each new variant is more contagious from its predecessor. The new XE variant is no exception. It is 10% more contagious than the BA.2 variant, and is itself more contagious than Omicron.


The XE variant continues to advance in the world. The UK has already announced more than a thousand cases. Canada, South Africa and Japan were also affected. More recently, it was New Zealand that identified cases of the XE variant.

Two children under the age of nine died

ThenNew Zealand has formalized the first case of the XE variant This Saturday, April 23. A case “imported” by a traveler from Europe. The country announced 19 deaths over the past seven days. Putting an important figure in perspective of “only” 665 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. Two children from New Zealand under the age of 9 Surrendered to the new XE variant.

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