New world record for internet speed

New world record for internet speed

Japan breaks the world record for internet speed. Thanks to new technology, researchers have reached 402 terabits per second. This feat will allow downloading more than 12,500 movies in one second, three times the content of the French Netflix catalogue.

Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology has set a new internet record. Japanese researchers have actually managed to do it. Data transfer speeds of 402 terabytes per secondThis is a world record for download speed.

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Three times the content of Netflix France in one second

With this high speed, it is possible to download thousands of movies in just one second. We believe that Over 12,500 feature films It can be transferred during this time. This is three times the number of contents in the French Netflix catalog, which is estimated at around 4,300.

For comparison, the average internet speed in Europe is about 100mb/sIn France, the speed increases to 120.01 Mbps. Study conducted by StatistaThat’s far less than the record-breaking streaming speed in Japan. It’s 3.35 million times slower. It would take more than 35 days to download many movies over a French internet connection. Even Iceland, which leads European internet with a speed of 216.56 Mbps, is still light years behind Japan’s record.

Bottom side of the experimental record

To achieve this feat, Japanese scientists built a system based on All standard fiber optic transmission rangesincluding bands that were not previously used by the infrastructure. They developed this system using a set of very advanced signal amplification techniques.

The system combines different amplification technologies, some of which were developed for this demonstration, including 6 types of fiber optic amplifiers.researchers explained.

By using specific wavelength ranges, this approach will increase the transmission capacity of optical fibers without the need for modifications. The cables are already installed. In fact, the researchers were able to Doubling the amount of data transmitted over a single optical fiber, greatly increasing the available bandwidth.

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Ultimately, this technology makes it possible to respond to them. Increasing demand for data By maximizing the use of existing infrastructure. So it is possible to provide faster internet without having to plan expensive work on the fiber network. It is good “How to extend the life of existing fiber systems”The researchers add.

However, we will point out that we are still far from taking advantage of this download speed. Current computers, chips and machines are not Not equipped for such quick transfers.Devices must evolve to keep pace with evolving flow rates.

As the researchers noted, further experiments are planned. The record was obtained in Laboratory conditions. The results in conditions closer to reality could be quite different.

Japan has often been known for its prowess in using high-speed internet. Moreover, Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology has broken several productivity records in recent years. Their previous record, which exceeded 321 Tbps, dates back only to October 2023.

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