New update "Hisui's Awakening"

New update “Hisui’s Awakening”

Pokemon Company Announced that a new update (1.1.0) is now available for download for all players titled Hisui’s awakeningfree shipping.

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Update details

  • This update will allow you to investigate the mystery public appearances Pokémon throughout the Hisui region, which will be subject to new missions.
  • Other novelties, you will have the opportunity to fight against powerful enemies, such as Legendary Pokemon or even Guardians and Guardians.
  • After viewing credits and completing newly added tasks, you will be able to access a feature called dream challenge, which will allow you (when you fall asleep in Logis) to meet the Arceus of your dreams and take on the Challenge of the Force. In particular, you will encounter many Pokemon with indescribable strength. Sometimes you will find yourself in unimaginable situations, such as fighting several legendary Pokémon at the same time. Hone your Pokemon fighting skills and try to collect as many victories as possible in this new challenge.
  • to me Rusty SiteAfter completing the newly added new tasks, a new feature will be available, you can choose between “The Path of Solitude” or “The Path of Perseverance”Each has its own peculiarity, and allows you to add a tag to your Pokédex. In the The path of perseveranceYou will have to challenge the guardians and other characters that you encounter during your adventure. In the The path of isolationyou will have to select a Pokémon to send into battle, in a custom hard mode.
  • After completing the newly added tasks, you will get more filters from Photographer.
  • Balloon racing in a very difficult mode is added to crowned pillar.
  • New berries can be grown in grove
  • New purchase options are available in ginkgo company.
  • Main task bug fix 23 “The Moon Arena Plate”.
  • Fixed climate bugs
  • Various bug fixes.
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Ball Hands

Another announcement about Pokemon Legends: ArceusAlso, distribution via code Adventure (returned by Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 3:59 pm) From 30 Hyper Balls, 30 Gigamassy Balls, 30 Push Balls.

Feel free to refer to our profile Pokemon Legends: Arceus Arceus Pokemon Legends Folder Updater stay connected On Bokicalos for more information.

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