New multi-service space in Luc-sur-Orbieu

New multi-service space in Luc-sur-Orbieu

The state, the ministry and the local community participate in financing this project but not the region.

Current events require maintaining the pace of municipal council meetings. Mayor Yves Kosinski explained during the last council meeting: “On May 28, we were unable to confirm the award of Lot 7 for the Multi-Service Center project; This quantity corresponds to the tiles. In fact, we only received one offer but it turned out to be unacceptable because the calculation of the surfaces to be tiled was incorrect. We have therefore had to re-launch the new employment contract consultation for this piece. “.

At the end of this new call, only one response was sent to the City Council, and it was from Lézi Chape de Lézignan-Corbières for the amount of 33,380.71 excluding taxes. The Council considered that this estimate was consistent with the estimates, and approved the offer unanimously. The mayor pointed out the total cost of the multi-service shopping mall and the local center amounting to 864,750.68 euros (excluding taxes). Subsequently, the Deliberative Assembly considered the new financing plan for the multi-service centre, the final review since “This has been validated by the sub-prefecture The aid obtained is as follows: DETR Grant (Equipment Grant for Rural Areas), €222,165.21; Administration: €52,785; Competition Fund from the Commune Community, €50,000. The municipality will self-finance his project in the amount of €539,800.47.We are implementing this project to provide local rural services, especially to the residents of our village but also to those outside it. “, explains Filip Lesina, Deputy Mayor, expressing his regret that the region was not involved in the financing. Another point discussed was the approval of the work and the allocation of plots of land after consultation on the construction and expansion of sanitary facilities in the municipal school. With regard to this upcoming project, the council wanted to He shows that he made every effort possible.To operate local companies “.

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