New headquarters for 1,000 people in Manchester -

New headquarters for 1,000 people in Manchester –

Imperium Cloud GamesThe independent studio he’s working on Star Citizen E-Swarm 42About a huge growth plan that will start with the opening of one The new headquarters in Manchester Which will host a team of 1,000 people over the next few years.

The studio complex will open its doors in May next year and will initially house 400 employees of Cloud Imperium Games who are currently based at its headquarters in Wilmslow, Cheshire. From that moment on, the studio’s rapid expansion will begin, on which it depends Create 700 jobs By the end of 2023. Below is a shot of the new Imperium Cloud Games headquarters.

The new headquarters in Manchester for Cloud Imperium Games

Among the jobs in demand are programmers, artists, animators, screenwriters, designers, producers and audio professionals, with the aim of welcoming the new home to Manchester as a whole. 1000 employees by the end of 2026.

This massive expansion is backed by Star Citizen’s massive crowdfunding campaign, which recently crossed the $400 million mark and will undoubtedly bring benefits to the game, as well as Squadron 42 and any future cloud projects. Imperium Games.

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