New coach for world champion Leo Berger

New coach for world champion Leo Berger

Leo Bergere is not one to rest on his laurels. Isérois may have had the best result of his career when he became world champion last year, he is still looking for progress and has just decided to change coach, starting a collaboration with the Italian. Fabio Rastelli.


Since 2020 Léo Bergère has been living in Saint-Raphaël in Var with Mickael Ayassami, with convincing results, but today he wants to try something to take a step forward in running, getting closer to the two running phenomena. Britain’s Alex Yee and New Zealander Hayden Wilde. ” These two competitors both have references in under 28 minutes over the 10km distance Explains the world champion. They push us to get ahead in our running, make choices and take risks in our training and that’s what I’m doing today. It may not work but anyway I can’t say I haven’t tried to make things better in this sector. These changes are not necessarily negative, if we know why we are doing things, they can only help us progress and this is what I will try to do in the coming months.”

Leo Bergere, who, like other French athletes, is already looking forward to the August test event in Paris. Dress rehearsal a year before the Olympic Games which will be crucial in the selection process for the Olympic Games.

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