New at LUCHON is the co-working and exhibition space “La Maison de la Lionne”.

New at LUCHON is the co-working and exhibition space “La Maison de la Lionne”.

La Maison de la Lioness is the new “co-working*” space in Luchon

* In Gascon: Trabalah-Partatji

End of the site visit with Khadija, in front of the entrance to the joint workplace.

A beautiful, long-abandoned building finds a new lease of life in a green environment. Newly renovated, the large house accommodates co-working spaces, a room, bedrooms, meeting rooms, work rooms, a dining room and a kitchen.

Facility manager Khadija Fazili : ” I’m a Luchonese at heart, arrived in 1977, and spent all my youth there. I noticed this building, ideally located at the entrance to the city center, at the foot of the monument lioness*. Naturally, the project title stands out “The house of the lioness.” » The built unit, the garden, brought consistency to the project. There was a lack of well-equipped workplaces for work and meetings in Luchon. The capabilities of the building allowed us to create fully integrated accommodation rooms. Thus, course organizers will have the perfect tool to meet the requirements of their students, with a complete product. It is quite possible to privatize everything for business seminars, for example! »

From her Science PO, her Engineering degree, and her high responsibilities at Orange, thanks to her experience, today she is a Director of a software publishing company. Optilo software. Khadija realized the glaring lack in our lands of places and structures accessible to the greatest number of people. Work with IT tools on high-performance networks, in comfortable locations, especially equipped with fiber optics.

Maison de la Lionne was completely renovated in 2023. It is located a stone’s throw from the station, on the main road to the Col de Peyresourde, and not far from the city center and its shops. The building includes a An arena for teamwork It has: 6 offices (can be rented by the hour, half a day, a day, or a month). 5 counseling stations that can be rented by the hour – 1 closed office that can be rented by the hour, half day or full day. A typical meeting room that can be used for business meetings, yoga classes, reflexology, sophrology, and also for general meetings of the co-owners. All are fully equipped, with furniture, equipment and air conditioning.

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Khadija has just opened her doors and is now taking care of the decor, looking for a theme, a common thread, that should give a warm tone to everyone. Today, the consolidation of the project must find its form and colors in the diversity of cultures. There is no doubt that Moroccan rugs will blend with images of the Queen of the Pyrenees and Gascon culture. Today residents will benefit from the beautiful view of the Pyrenees Mountains fast rack, New means of transportation lead to Superbagnères station. Snowfall in recent days gives a glimpse of the approaching winter sports and resort openings scheduled for December 2.

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* Statue of a lioness and her cubs, statue by Louis de Monard (1873, Autun (Saône-et-Loire, France) – 1939, Paris (France). Acquired by Luchon in 1949

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