Never put this item in your glove box again, it is very dangerous according to police – Tuxboard

Never put this item in your glove box again, it is very dangerous according to police – Tuxboard

Every car in the world has a glove box. However, police advise against storing this item inside…

Every car model on Earth has a glove box. It is considered by many Like an empty pocketThe latter can attract the eyes of thieves, which is why certain things cannot be found there.

The glove box is essential in cars

The glove box is an essential tool In cars. Furthermore, this item is designed to be essential inside most cars.

Although its name may seem innocuous, it is Storage room It offers different features. It can even be considered a security element in some cases.

This invention has been around for a very long time. Originally it was just a small metal or wooden storage box attached to the inside From the car.

Over the years, it has evolved into It becomes a compartment Enclosed and integrated into the dashboard or center console. Provides more space and security for storing different things.

So its main function is to provide Storage room Convenient for drivers and passengers. It is often used to store documents such as vehicle manuals, insurance and registration documents.

But also personal things like sunglassesNapkins, pens and more. Some car models come equipped with cooled glove boxes to keep drinks or snacks cool during trips.

Multiple uses for drivers

In addition to the storage function, the glove box can also play a safety role. Some drivers choose to store items such as kits Band aidOr flashlights or reflective vests.

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Furthermore, modern glove boxes can be equipped Additional features To improve its usefulness. This may include built-in lights to make it easier to access things in the dark, or USB ports or power outlets.

Glove boxes are usually made of plastic, metal, or one of the two A mixture of both. Depending on the manufacturer and car model.

They are designed to harmoniously integrate with the interior. From the car. Following the style and design of the dashboard or center console.

Some glove boxes are also designed to be equipped Hinged covers. While others may have removable or sliding covers.

With the advent of technology, glove boxes are no longer available Innovation gap. Many automakers are now integrating voice control systems or touchscreens into glove boxes, as Tesla does.

This item should not be in your glove box

Recently, Spain's La Guardia Civil broadcast a video on its platforms Social media. Finally, be careful of things to avoid leaving them in the glove box.

Although this may seem obvious to some, it is important to never leave the key behind From your home In your car. Especially in the glove box.

In fact, this is often the first place thieves look In case of hacking In your car. Although some consider this hideout safe, it actually poses risks.

If you leave your keys in the glove box, you are putting your car at risk. Increase flight. Especially if your car is parked for an extended period of time, such as while on vacation.

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In addition to house keys, they also advise not to leave Identity documents. And the vehicle-related documents in your car. Especially if it remains parked in the parking lot for a long period of time.

Although some have the habit of drawing up a registration document or Insurance papers In the glove box, it is best to avoid this practice. By leaving these items available to strangers, you make identity and vehicle theft easier.

Guardia Civil confirms that if thieves gain access to the keys From your homeThey will be able to enter your home without attracting the attention of neighbors. Which makes their bad deeds easier for them.

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