Negriplaces.  Ludo Sports Zone: It's Shaping Up!

Negriplaces. Ludo Sports Zone: It’s Shaping Up!

The work in the ludo sports area is going well, and you can already see the equipment of the site.

At the bottom of Colombiers, in Negriples, the site comprising the camp site, pool and playground is undergoing a major transformation. The former stadium layout has been completely redesigned to adapt to safety and accessibility restrictions, with a 100% inclusive stadium open to as many people as possible. Project management has been delegated to a company that specializes in this type of equipment, Clean Nature, and part of the site development work is being carried out by agents from the city’s technical services.

For this project, nothing was left to chance and the end result will live up to expectations because this sector of the city deserves special attention to give it a new face. The installation of the first elements gives an overview of the ludo sports area divided into several zones: a fully inclusive children’s play area, a fitness area and a street aerobics area, a decapark for ball games, as well as a very large multi-sports area. They will be divided into centers, and will offer a wide range of games and equipment that will allow the practice of many sports. The central attraction of these ludo sports will undoubtedly be the multi-generational play area that extends over an area of ​​300 square meters and offers seven activities: canopy, rope game; Swinging frames multifunctional toys apple spring for mobile phones. Orchestra board or even a trampoline. The floor of this space is flexible for cushioning to avoid any injury to children as they develop. Everywhere, the garden, and benches for mothers who will take care of their dear ones. The different spaces will be served by several corridors allowing easy access to all equipment. This playground is not just for kids, it can also be used for teens and adults. When the swimming pools are open, users can also add swimming to the activities on this site. If you are not an athlete and do not have children, then you can simply come and have a good time in this place to grow your champion.

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It is scheduled to open to the public shortly before the end of June. Therefore, still have a little patience, you will not regret it, because according to the observers and manufacturers, this sports ludo will definitely be one of the most complete in the department.

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