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The Durocher Center will be held tomorrow evening, Wednesday, starting at 5:30 p.m. at 49H Useful cocktail for the benefit of children in Lower Town Quebec. Presented under the honorary chairmanship of Jan Boudreau (Photo), Founding President of Medway The event, in the form of a cocktail dinner, will be held at the center’s headquarters located at 680, rue Raoul Jobin in Quebec. Profits will help the Durocher Center carry out its educational mission for children from less fortunate backgrounds by giving them access to educational, preventive and recreational services to allow them to grow up in an environment that can provide them with a safe and inclusive living environment. Reserve your places now via online registration

Successful collection

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The 23rdH The “Collecte Verte” initiative, organized as part of Quebec Waste Reduction Week (SQRD), was a great success. Presented by the Caisse Desjardins Des Rivières de Québec, this semi-annual event collects vintage electrical, computer or electronic equipment for free. Nearly 1,300 people braved the rain on Sunday with a smile on their faces to recycle their old electrical, computer and electronic devices and divert about 7.6 tons of environmentally harmful materials from landfill. The Green Group has proven that citizens are increasingly aware of environmental issues. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Québec Lévis Foundation, Collecte Verte, once again ensured the smooth running of the event. Pictured from left to right: Mirai Guay, Melanie Bellot And Jean-Yves Parentadministrators at Caisse Desjardins Des Rivières de Québec.

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My favorite calendar

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Since 1982, the Quebec Historical Society has published its calendar Old views of Quebec Which presents the history of Quebec City on a daily basis. The ephemeris and texts found there refer to historical events that have marked our local, regional, national, and, in some cases, international history. Each calendar includes several ephemeris, as well as about fifteen documented illustrations. Over the years, this collection has become a valuable source of information on the history of Quebec City and its region. 2024 calendar Old views of Quebec On sale from the company for $12.95 by phone (418-694-1020 #1256) or email. To get a list of selling points: societe

One project at a time

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Hectare Construction, a contractor specializing in the creation of composite structural systems combining precast concrete and steel, has signed an exclusive agreement for Quebec with Canadian giant Stubbe’s. Therefore, customers of Hectare Construction, a company based in Quebec, will now be able to benefit from the quality of ready-mixed concrete from Stubbe’s, one of the largest Canadian companies in this field. Among the first companies in Quebec to use precast concrete structures, Hectare Construction firmly believes that this is a new era for building multi-storey projects in Quebec, one project at a time. Pictured from left to right: Sebastian Boucher (receipt), Hughes Michaud (participant) and Jean-Simon Genereux (Construction Director).


QMI Photography Agency, Mario Beauregard

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Lord (Photo), New Zealand singer, songwriter and producer, 27 years old… Pascal Leclercformer NHL goaltender (Ottawa) and TVA Sports analyst, 41 years old… David GuettaFrench DJ, songwriter, record producer and remixer, 56 years old… Frank DuboscFrench comedian and actor, 60 years old… Agnes Malteseformer member of Taschereau, PQ, 67 years… Murray WilsonNational Hockey League player (1972-79) with the Canadians from 1972 to 1978, 72 years… Joni Mitchell– Canadian singer and painter, 80 years old.


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November 7, 2018: Free package (Photo), 77 years old, founder of the Baquet group on the south shore of Quebec… 2021: Helen Charbonneau92 years old, Quebec librarian specializing in children’s literature… 2018: Bob Nagel Jr78, one of the instigators of the NHL’s return to Minnesota in 2000… 2016: Leonard Cohen82 years old, legendary Montreal Poet… 2015: Steve Fisette68 years old, former Quebec singer and actor… 2014: Françoise Gratton84 years old, Quebec actress… 2011: Joe Frazier67 years old, former world heavyweight champion (boxing)… 2010: Roger Doyon67 years old, a social figure in Boss… 2010: Richard Chabot53 years old, activist for the disabled (Quebec region)… 1980: Steve McQueen50, American actor.

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