Nearly $1 billion to victims of the collapsed Surfside Building

Nearly $1 billion to victims of the collapsed Surfside Building

The judge found it hard to believe. Survivors and families of victims Building collapse in FloridaWhich killed 98 people in 2021, will receive compensation of no less than 997 million dollars according to an agreement negotiated in court, a lawyer for the civil parties confirmed to AFP.

The twelve-story building partially collapsed at midnight on June 24 in Surfside, north of Miami Beach. Attorney Carlos Silva added that 997 million would be added, “about $100 million, which we will return to the victims.”

Only one survivor

Except for a teen who was rescued during the first hours, the rescuers, who had worked hard for a month, were unable to save any of the residents in this building during the disaster.

The causes of the collapse of the building, called the South Champlain Towers and which overlooks the waterfront, have not been determined with certainty, but the first elements of the investigation revealed that the structure of the building appeared to be deteriorating in some places, with “structural damage”. Reported as early as 2018.

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