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‘Ndrangheta: Investigating Judge, Pagala’s lawyer was running illegal business – Usta Valley

The arrest of lawyer Gionte has also been requested

(ANSA) – AUSTA, May 03 – Austan’s attorney Maria Rita Bagalà, under house arrest as part of the Alibante operation to administer the DDA, under the direction of his father Carmelo Bagalà, “participated in the clan,” including “managing various illicit affairs,” he wrote. This is the investigating judge of Catanzaro, Matteo Ferrante, in the custodial order, stressing that the lawyer, in addition to being the “legal mind of the clan”, takes care of the economic and financial interests of the association. Not only that, he also assumed the role of the nominal head of the company “Sole srl” and was The owner of the assets and company shares in the group “which constitute the illicit proceeds of the various criminal activities of the clan”.

According to investigators, her husband Andrea Gionte, who was also investigated in the same investigation, was not aware of the facts, but also a personal and secret administrator, together with her and her father-in-law, the activities of CalabriaTurismo srl ‘, a company banned due to the mafia in 2016.

As for the accusation, the spouses, unfavorably, managed to obtain a public loan of almost 600 thousand euros through the company “Calabria Turismo srl”. The money they will use to renovate the Hotel dei Fiori in Falerna. Specifically as a result of the mafia ban, public funding was abolished. In 432 pages of the injunction, the investigating judge also wrote how Bagala, along with her father and husband, had been involved in finding other economic resources of questionable origin, with the aim of pursuing the clan’s criminal program.

From the investigations with Andrea Giunti, it was found that he was going to organize “money laundering operations”. Not only that, but he will also use the proceeds to buy a nightclub in Courmayeur. Also for Gionte, the Catanzaro Public Prosecutor requested the precautionary measure, which was rejected by the investigating judge who did not take into account the “threshold of circumstantial severity reached” against him. (ANSA).

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