Nauseous odors poison the daily lives of residents

Nauseous odors poison the daily lives of residents

Living near a sewage treatment plant is not easy at all. For residents of Lower Haute, a town located a few kilometers from the capital New Zealand WELLINGTON – Casual harassment has turned into a real ordeal.

A festival is coming

As reported New Zealand HeraldResidents have already been suffering from unpleasant odors for more than two months. Come from these scents Business It was implemented in the adjacent wastewater treatment plant and aims to replace the biofilters needed for treatment waters worn out. a building site Which is scheduled to continue until next February.

However, the stench is said to be so strong that some residents got headaches and fell down sick. a hundred Complaints It has also been filed since October 31 in order to obtain compensation. Wellington Regional Council has already taken action, imposing fines of nearly €40,000 on the station's owner, Wellington Water, and its operator, the French company. VeoliaAnd to the city's municipal council.

Reduce the intensity of odors

Residents fear that the situation will become more worrying in the coming weeks, he notes guardian. In fact, the common You must understand the importance festival to Hip Hop From January 5. An event in which several big names such as Ashanti, T-Pain and T.I. will participate, it is expected to attract several thousand visitors.

the mayor I tried to reassure population Pointing out that this influx will not aggravate the situation. For its part, Veolia has installed machines to distribute deodorizing chemicals in an attempt to reduce the intensity of the odor.

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