natural area.  Pork La Chaucet, a place of tranquility par excellence

natural area. Pork La Chaucet, a place of tranquility par excellence

In the heart of summer, Lachaussée Ponds still shines for its festival since mid-March. The weather this July, rainy and choppy, is conducive to this verdant location and the resulting green gradient. Whatever it is, it does not detract from the calm atmosphere that permeates this place.

growing popularity…

Even if, for some time, the Lachaussée nature reserve was increasingly visited. You may have experienced it yourself, the health crisis exacerbated our desires for wide open spaces. 600 hectares of the place exactly match this specification. Usually, 4,000 visitors flock to the observatories every year. The influence of fashion is very real: “From the base in La Chaussy, we’ve had people already,” says Raphael Gillette, the site’s nature keeper. But during the various disengagements, we noticed and felt more hits.”

Great care must therefore be taken, particularly as the status of regional nature reserves implies the “strongest regulations in terms of site protection”. Apart from these monitoring and awareness tasks, managing the life of the ecological site also occupies an important part of the work of the rangers. Site manager since 2009 Lauren CEN (Conservatoire d’Espaces Naturels) in 2019 acquired land control in this wetland with a long-term lease of 99 years.

… for a place conducive to calm

The growing popularity of the place is enabled by the freedom this wetland affords. Three hiking trails (6, 12 and 15 km) are accessible for pedestrian convenience from the Vieux Moulin area, as are the two main observatories on site. So you will have the option to discover the species of birds that are suitable to present themselves to your eyes or to guess them by listening to the cries of the birds. What makes the Lachosi Ponds site so rich is the bird pond, explains Raphael Gillette: “We have enormous reed beds in the pond that are the primary habitat for many of the bird species we find on the site.”

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At this time of year, deer can be seen, common birds, and myrrh stars, which are the reserve’s main species. A little patience. And if your appetite is eating into you, you’ll just have to stop at Esat du Vieux Moulin. Located on the bank of the pond and staffed by handicapped workers, this restaurant serves meals every day of the week.

Whether it’s for a walk, for a moment of observation, or even a historical excursion, the Lachaussée Ponds offer it all in a quiet and relaxing setting. The silence is broken only by the sounds of the rich flora and fauna of the place.

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