NATO: Planes fly ten interception missions in six hours due to Russia

NATO: Planes fly ten interception missions in six hours due to Russia

That fighter Then Rise to investigate unwanted activity in coalition airspace is common: more than 400 times in 2020 alone According to the US CNN Radio. About 90 percent of the cases are crashes involving aircraft Russia. What happened on Monday surprised even experienced analysts.

The planes had to take off from different bases ten times because Russian aircraft approached the airspace of member states. A NATO spokesman said, “Six different groups of Russian aircraft in less than six hours.” This means “rare peak value”. These incidents included:

  • Norwegian F-16 fighters spotted two Russian Tu-95 long-range bombers near the Norwegian coast

  • Then the Russian planes flew south over North Sea. In response, British and Belgian aircraft took off

  • The Norwegian Air Force was also subsequently alerted about two Tu-160 hypersonic bombers

  • NATO aircraft monitored the flight of three Russian aircraft over the Black Sea

  • Italian warplanes captured a Russian Navy aircraft over Baltic Sea Close to town Kaliningrad from

Despite this extraordinary set of incidents, NATO assured that none of the many Russian aircraft entered the airspace of a member state. There was no immediate comment from Russia on Monday’s flight movements.

Just last week he was the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg Russia appeals to revive the so-called Council of NATO and Russia. This body, which aims to facilitate exchange and rapprochement, has not met since 2019

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