Natasha Treu, Formula Science – Editorial

Natasha Treu, Formula Science – Editorial


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The presenter of the program “Science, CQFD” on France Culture, a lover of Paris, is first and foremost a “pure” literary person.

We're here with Natasha Treu, the show's producer Science, QED About the culture of France. Let us put aside the lyrical flights of imagination and examine reality with complete scientific rigor. Number of people living in the apartment: rule Animalia (1 homo sapiens, He who lives there alone) prevails the plant (4, including one chlorophytum comosum, Also called “spider plant”), blackberry Fungi (A few Lentinola atoms In the kitchen, or shiitake).

In this apartment in the 13th district of the capital, we are on the seventh floor, but everything is close to the ground. There's the cocoon where a producer (a job often confused with that of a host on Radio France) spins the topics for her next show, then presents them to her team. The Marshall speaker constantly diffuses FIP, like perfume. The ancient tower of Houellebecq is within microscope range.

In the 13th century, Natasha Treu has lived there since she was born. The Paris lover is sure to one day plan to find out if the grass is greener elsewhere: “Thirty-eight years in the same city, that's kind of retarded, all the same!” It used the seats of Rodin, a public school that hosted Jacnot, Romain Doris and Noémie Lvovsky. But it might

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