Nasser Al-Khulaifi, if you read my words, take my brother!  – PSG Supporters Channel 24-7

Nasser Al-Khulaifi, if you read my words, take my brother! – PSG Supporters Channel 24-7

The World Cup quarter-final matches continue on Saturday, with the lure of Portugal and Morocco in the programme.

Morocco stands out as an exciting team of world Cup. After finishing top of their group consisting of Belgium, Croatia and Canada, the Atlas Lions advanced to the first quarter-finals in their history by being eliminated. Spain penalty shootout (0-0; TAB 3-0). In addition, many players have proven themselves as true captains during this World Championship, such as the Parisian, Ashraf HakimI, or even Aguird in defence, but what about Soufiane Amrabat and his strength in midfield. The Fiorentina player is one of the revelations in the current World Cup and many English clubs, including Liverpool, will be very interested in his profile … even if his entourage dreams out loud of Paris Saint-Germain.

“Imagine an engagement with Marco Verratti, pff…”

Soufiane Amrabat, 26, unanimously triumphed over Moroccan fans and observers during the World Cup. The international has shown off his impressive physical attributes as well as his keen sense of the game. Characteristics that make him a potential target for top European teams during the January transfer window. asked by the daily the teamHis brother Nordin makes it clear that Sofiane has what it takes to join PSG and takes the opportunity to appeal to Parisian President Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

” The world Cup He deserves the spotlight in the Champions League, he’s in the spotlight, on the stage. For me, it would be a perfect fit for Paris-SG. Imagine having a relationship with Marco Verratti, pfff… like that Nasser Al-Khulaifi If you read my word, take my brother! »

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