NASA is missing a tool to open the box containing fragments of asteroid Bennu

NASA is missing a tool to open the box containing fragments of asteroid Bennu

After more than 2,500 days in space, the probe arrived Osiris Rex He returned to Earth at the end of September. At the end of this 200 million kilometer journey, you come back with it A rock sample taken in 2020 from the asteroid Bennu.

The problem, he admitted NASA On October 20, the precious shipment was actually inaccessible. The agency is actually missing a tool space The American opens the sealed box containing dust and fragments asteroidreports HuffPost.

Missing screwdriver

The sample is now housed in a box called a Tagam, which is designed to preserve space materials from any alteration. This was placed in a larger nitrogen-filled box called a Glove box toOsiris RexWith everything needed to open it and collect the sample.

However, “after several attempts, the team discovered that two of the 35 bolts used on the Tagam could not be removed with tools in the glove box.Osiris Rex », indicates NASA. In short, the engineers forgot to put one of the screwdrivers needed to open the Tagam in that glove box.

Water and carbon were determined

NASA remains optimistic, and even if part of the sealed box has already been opened, it intends to take the time and find a suitable and safe solution to open it completely. Especially after researchers discovered Asteroid dust outside the cabin It contains the sample and we were actually able to analyze it. The results revealed water and carbonAs scientists expected.

The irony is clear, given its technological achievement Osiris Rex. In October 2020, the probe was able to land on the asteroid Bennu and take a sample in just six seconds before leaving. Therefore, this omission of tools seems trivial compared to the achievement that has been achieved.

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