Nanotale – Typing Chronicles – slowly leaving Early Access and coming March 31st for PC and Google Stadia

Indie Fishing Cactus developer announced that his incredible writing adventure Nanotale will leave Early Access and come to Steam and Google Stadia on March 31. As the spiritual heir to the award-winning writing adventure, Nanotale lets players explore a never-ending fantasy world as they use their writing skills to cast powerful spells, manipulate the environment, and defeat enemies in order to save the world.

“We’re very excited that Nanotale will be out in just two weeks,” said Bruno Urbain, CEO of Fishing Cactus. “We listened to the community on Early Access and are now proud to release the full version with improved performance, incredible cinematics, voiceovers, new powers and dynamic areas to explore! I hope you have Nanotale on Steam today so you never miss the 31st launch!”

Nanotale tells the wonderful story of a world on the verge of destruction as the heart of magic weakens every minute. Players slide into the role of budding archiver Rosalind, who embarks on a journey into Magic Canyon to collect samples of plants and rocks and classify mysterious events in order to uncover secrets of the impending doom of Earth.

Nanotale offers a mixture of typical adventure and RPG experience, where the player meets and interacts with other characters, solve various puzzles and unleash magical powers to defeat the enemies. The game captivates players with its unique gameplay, where everything from movement to combat to menu navigation is exclusively controlled via the keyboard, which challenges players to hone their typing skills as the game progresses. Nanotale will be available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Wishlist Nanotale is running steam. Visit the official Nanotale websitewebsite. Follow Nanotale on The social networking site Facebook And the Twitter.

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